Retirement Planning

retirement-planning-w300The starting point of the retirement planning process is to look at what assets you will have once you stop working.

What will happen once you are no longer in receipt of income?

If you have no other source of income when you retire then you need to put plans in place to build up a fund for that time when you no longer work.

In addition to securing an income when you retire a Pension can give a tax free lump sum when you come to draw your benefits.   The tax free lump sum can serve to refund you some and maybe even all the contributions you made to your plan.

A Pension Plan with its attendant tax reliefs is a very attractive and efficient way to build a fund for your retirement.

There is huge choice in the market place regarding Pension options including, Defined Benefit Pension Schemes, Personal Pensions, Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSA), Defined Contribution Schemes and Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s)

Information and calculators on Pension planning are available on and this can give you an indication of what your Pension income will be at retirement.

Professional advisors like Pensions And Finance can discuss your needs and make recommendations from a wide range of suppliers.

With people moving from one employment to another, Pension needs to be considered as part of your reward package – sometimes people overlook the Pension aspect of the package and focus on gross salary only.  We can help you assess the offering regarding Pension and also advise on what to do with Pension Benefits built up with a previous employer.