Fee Based Advice

Everybody in business needs to get paid – in financial services the advisor is paid a commission or charges a fee.  We find charging a fee is very clear and clients understand the concept better than commission.  Correctly structured fees can be a tax efficient way to pay for the service of an advisor.  For clients who do not want to pay a fee, the option is there to pay the advisor by commission.  A combination of fee and commission is also available.  Our experience shows that fees take any element of “hard sell” out of the equation and places the business relationship on a mature, respectful footing.

One area where the fees based advice works well is that of the financial review.

If you are unsure of where you are financially, a financial review is a very beneficial process to complete.  The review gathers information about your mortgage, savings, investments, pension and protection and analyses them to see are they suitable for your needs.

The end of the process leaves you with a document showing your financial position.  The process leaves you in a position to make decisions about your financial future and the document can be updated yearly.

If you want to start the process of a financial review, we can email you a document to collect the relevant information.